about kevin

Kevin Coyne

As a commercial cinematographer, I collaborate with visionary filmmakers to design story-elevating cinematography.

Some would describe me as an obsessive filmmaker. I believe that every detail on screen should be deliberate, and exists to elevate the story. This approach unifies every project so we can tell a compelling story, truly inspiring audiences. 

Currently, I am based out of the Midwest in Cleveland, OH, but serve the surrounding cities of Columbus, and Pittsburgh, PA. I know every cinematographer says they're willing to travel, but seriously: adventuring around the world is a passion of mine so I'm not limited to the Ohio area, or even the States.

When I'm not studying cinematography or lighting, I still find myself watching films. I can't help it: I'm a movie nerd (sci-fi is my favorite). I also love exploring the outdoors (biking, kayaking, backpacking, climbing), reading, playing nerdy board games, traveling, and trying out new restaurants with friends.