hello there

A director who I often collaborate with suggested I start a blog. At first I was very opposed to the idea, but as I thought more about it, the idea grew on me. And so I begin. Let me start off with a manifesto. Here follows the purpose of these writings:

I want to provide inspiration and insight to fellow filmmakers and cinematographers. This is a creative field and it's easy to get sucked into work, losing sight of the art. We need to be inspired so that we can create. Remember why you started in film? Let's go back to the root: story, emotion, and visuals. My goal is to showcase visuals that inspire me in hopes of inspiring you.

Knowledge is at our fingertips, right in our pocket with a smartphone. When it comes to cinematography there are countless how-to's, tutorials and everyone says what gear you should buy. I'm under the belief that quality insight rises above the noise. I'm only beginning to grasp the nuances of cinematography, but feel it's important to share my knowledge, experience, and many mistakes. How did I get to where I am today? Other people took time out to share their insight, and so I want to share this insight with you. 

Lastly, this must come natural. My fear in creating a blog is that I will have to force myself to write or 6 months down the road giving up on the blog. I won't follow a schedule, so it may be sporadic. I'll try to post regularly, but I will post when I'm inspired so that it comes from the heart, not obligation.



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