Show Business

The past few years I've focusing on understanding light. I've begun to grasp lighting and wanted to move on to the business side of cinematography, after all this is 'show business.' Thus, I have spent the last 3 months immersing myself in many podcasts and blogs, gaining knowledge from other cinematographers. Check these guys out, as they've been so valuable in this process.

Modern Cinematographer

The Wandering DP

Capturing Light

I definitely binged on each of these, starting from the first episode on to the latest. Some of the guys have a blog as well, which is also full of valuable content.

Understanding Cinematography Series

Wolfcrow also has some awesome breakdowns of various cinematographers. Here's one that covers one of my favorite cinematographers, Wally Pfister, ASC. 

The Director Series

 I really love the work of Jeff Cronenweth, ASC and his collaborations with David Fincher. Raccord has a really good documentary on Fincher. It's pretty long, broken down in 5 parts, but worth it if you are a Fincher fan. They also break down The Coen Brothers, Kubrick, and Paul Thomas Anderson. 

Now what?

The next step for me (and this blog) will be studying the work of great cinematographers. I will be doing an in depth film study- pulling movies into Premiere and watching them with a waveform, vector scopes and false color. My goal is to dissect the look through lighting, exposure, and color.

I'm currently in pre production for a few short films as well. The plan is to shoot them over the next month. I am really excited to shoot some passion projects and share that process in future posts!

By the way- if you haven't watched Stranger Things on Netflix go out and do it! It's an awesome series. Really great cinematography and story. So inspiring! And they're coming out with a second season next year.

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