Lighting: Coffee

A few months ago, I shot this to test out the URSA mini 4.6K camera. I used the Dog Schidt Optiks Flare Factory 58mm lens (F/4 2x squeeze aperture, gold flares) with diopters. The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33X was also used on the wide shot, which I will break down. I mostly shot at 24fps, but did 120fps to test out the slow motion of the camera. Here's the hero wide shot:

Frame grab of the wide shot with the flare

Below is the lighting plot, but I will explain what all the instruments are doing. The URSA was on a 24" slider a few feet from the table. It moved closer once we did the ECU shots with the diopters. The coffee is keyed from camera left with an 1x1 LED through a 2x3 frame of 216. The fill side was a little further away with another 1x1 LED through a 250 frame. Both frames were close as they could be to the product to get the biggest and softest source. 

The setup was tweaked very little for the close ups

A leko was placed to backlight the coffee beans. This was placed about 6' off the ground, and had a tree gobo in it to add texture. Black wrap tapped to the window flagged direct spill off the coffee cup. The last addition was a low leko (2' off the ground) that flared the lens. Placement on this was critical and took some playing around with to get the sweet spot. It ended up being to intense at the start of the move, so I added a flag on the left so I could ease in to the flare.

One note on color: the camera was set to daylight, along with the LEDs. Natural sunlight was coming in through the window and also lighting the tree deep in the background. Both of the lekos were tungsten to add warmth to the scene.

Lighting plot for the main slider shot